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The decision to see a therapist is a very personal one. Individuals realize that psychotherapy can involve examination of one's own conscious thoughts and feelings, your situation and the people around you. For some people, this can be very difficult at first, but the rewards are immense. Having a trained psychotherapist to work with you in this process is an instrumental asset. Psychotherapy helps people to enhance and maintain their physical and mental health, and promote honesty, intimacy and fulfillment in their lives. It helps people change negative patterns which they have lived with for a long time.

Our distinguished team of mental health professionals offer treatment for mental health and substance use concerns including depression and anxiety, trauma, OCD, ADHD, substance use disorder, and adjustment issues. We utilize many treatment modalities:

  • psychodynamic therapy
  • schema therapy
  • acceptance and commitment therapy
  • trauma therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

The Groves is pleased to be able to bring psychodynamic therapy to the RGV. Psychodynamic therapy is the original and traditional form of therapy based on the idea that thoughts and feelings you may not be aware of can cause problems such as anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem and difficulty in relationships. Research indicates that psychodynamic therapy is among the most effective approaches to lasting change. Psychodynamic therapy is not just focused on symptoms, but has the goal of increasing your tolerance for stress and negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, and low selfesteem.

Trauma Treatment

The Groves is pleased to be able to offer treatment specialized for the needs of individuals who have been through trauma. Our trauma specialists have advanced credentials in the treatment of trauma, including certification in the treatment of complex trauma, which often occurs from ongoing childhood abuse. Our staff includes clinicians who have been contracted with the VA and law enforcement agencies to provide treatment for PTSD and who have directed intensive trauma treatment programs. If you suffer from trauma related psychological issues, our staff are there for you with a comprehensive treatment plan that can include intensive therapy, medication and skills building sessions to reduce the impact of trauma symptoms on your daily life.

Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is an integrative approach that aims to treat personality disorders and other mental health concerns that don’t always respond to other treatment options. In schema therapy, you’ll work with a therapist to uncover and understand your unhelpful patterns that some people develop if their emotional needs aren’t met as a child, also known as schemas. These schemas can affect you throughout life and contribute to problematic coping methods and behaviors if they aren’t addressed. Schema therapy aims to teach you how to ensure your emotional needs are met in a healthy way that doesn’t cause distress.

How We Do It!

The Groves Assessment and Psychotherapy is a therapy center that provides excellent services to those who suffer from mental health problems. We have a team of skilled and experienced therapists who can help you deal with your problems. We also offer assessment services to help you understand your condition better. We are located in South Texas, and we offer our services to people from all over the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapy is a process that involves talking with a trained mental health professional to treat mental and emotional disorders, as well as assist those with life issues such as grief, marital distress, failure to thrive, workplace issues or just a different perspective. The goal of psychotherapy is to help people improve their lives by changing their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Psychotherapy works by helping people understand the thoughts and feelings that contribute to their problems. Psychotherapy also provides a supportive environment in which people can explore these thoughts and feelings.
Psychotherapy can benefit people of all ages and backgrounds. People who may benefit from psychotherapy include those who are struggling with mental health disorders, such as depression or anxiety and those who are dealing with life changes, such as a death in the family.
Psychotherapy is a highly individualized treatment and therefore there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, in general, people can expect to work with their therapist to identify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are contributing to their problems. They can also expect to receive support and guidance as they work to address these issues.

The length of psychotherapy varies from individual to individual and is based on the person’s goals for treatment. Some people may only need a few sessions, while others may require more long-term treatment.

Why Choose Us

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Upon request, our therapy dog, Pavlov, may be able to join your therapy sessions. In psychotherapy, dogs can help reduce stress and blood pressure. Furthermore, dogs provide a feeling of joy, a desire to live, and they generally accelerate the healing process.

Offer Convenient Appointment Times

We offer convenient appointment times to fit your busy schedule. Our availability includes virtual and in-office sessions as well as evening and weekend appointments. We know that starting therapy can be daunting, so we aim to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.

Team of Exceptional And Experienced Therapists

The Groves Assessment and Psychotherapy team of exceptional and unparalleled experienced therapists provides comprehensive mental health services to individuals, couples, and families in South Texas.

Variety of Therapeutic Approaches

We utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches such as schema therapy, psychodynamic therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as psychiatric treatment.

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